Friday, November 27, 2009

One day i will be good

Hating november not making enough money, need to save more, not spend so much, failing my class's in school dunno what to do.


Also picking houses for vegas we decided on this one... confirmed so far are me joopan and tomh.

it has everything poker table, poool bar, grotto style. SICK SICK 4 bedroom and an office.

i guess thats the one bright spot is looking forward to vegas, but whenever i look forward to something im always disappointed.

oh well

Saturday, August 8, 2009

First 1k day

first ever 1k day.
I came home drunk and rly mad and cause i didnt get any girls (as per usual) was a dick to all my friends and spent 200 dollars at the bar. I punched my door until my hands were bleeding and until i saw everything in my closest through a huge hole. I was soooo drunk but,I was going to grind back 200 bucks and make a little on the side. So I Started looking for ppl to prop bet 1:1 with, ive done this a bunch with forglory, springs ect... I'll come home drunk sat. or friday and prop bet that iu can beat game drunk( got this from notilt who does this a ton as well I think). So charger said he would take my action for 50 dollars, then I asked if he would do it for 50nl and he backed out.... Then I asked forglory who always takes this bet and he was emo and didnt prop bet either, then I finally posted on 2+2 and asked joopan. He said how much action do u want and i said at least 50 bucks and he said ok.

So now I had my action it was 3am and I was rdy to grind!! I grinded none stop took some brutal beats, I was at $150 800 hands in when it limps around to me in the bb I have A4o so I check it, flop comes x44 I bet for value get called, turn is n A giving me second nuts I bet again get called river is x, I pot again and get shoved on I snap with second nuts he has AA and limped it utg. I started to tilt a little and spewed off another half stake. Then i fought back I was getting undrunk playing well. ABout 1899 hands in I see that I have 3 buyins again so all i have to do is fight back and I can win and beat joopan in something. WEll at 1950 hands I had 138, I was planning to win 150 and flip for 50 if i win i win 100 if i lose i lose 100. But if i dont flip I lose 50. So flipping was the way to go at 1999 hands I had 145.80 and could not flip =////////. Shipped joopan 50 bucks, turned on a cardrunners video and passed out(the soothing sounds of someone talking about 3 betting put me to sleep in a 6 max GAME!).

Woke up after 6 hours and started grinding 100nl won a bunch and had a 600 dollar day at this point, then i thought man i was taking shots at 100 in june time to take some more shots weekend ship it! So I sat down at 200nl, saw Brochen who I met in vegas said hi but he ignored me. Then I iso'd 55 and got 3 bet by charger(OH SNAP IM FINALLY AT CHARGERS STAKE). Flopped a bunch of sets and ran pretty hot was up 600 at 200nl. So I was put 1.2k for the day then I lost half a buyin to a hit and runner while starting tables and got 3 bet some and lost some money doublling regs. Vanguard was sweating me so I won some more. And I finally quit and went to eat up 1k for the day. My first 1k day ship.

obv heater.

There is an old russian saying it says if u arent lucky in love you will be lucky with the cards. holler
or was it if u arent lucky in cards ull be lucky in love.

dunno its one of the two I suck at love.

still down 7k last month hurt =/////

Friday, June 26, 2009

X-posted from 2+2 1 time baby 5/10 or bust

I have been running pretty bad lately so I thought I would stop and reflect on what I have accomplished in poker so far, before I go off on my first trip to vegas as a 21 year old(brag itt). I started last summer while working for a software company. They had a sng game in the conference room everyday so I would play that. Soon I wanted to play for money so one day I decided to deposite 25 bucks and see how it went. I never had to do much work, so I would always visit 2+2 and facebook. I read all the post and posted hands of my own from 2nl. I would email myself the hands I had trouble with the day before and at work I would go over them and post those that gave me the most trouble. Many people would post simple answers like bet or check, some would post a little more like bet because of value. The more I posted the more I wanted to know the thought process. I didn't ask why just yet, I just saw some people would give a reason for the play. Those people were the ones I would listen to the most. If I didn't get something I would pm them and ask them, how do you know?, could you explain this better?.

Slowly I became better, there have been three crucial turning points in my young poker career so far. One came at the start when I had a sweat session with happy pixel, he explained some stuff to me although some of it was wrong like c/c with QQ on Kxx when oop. But still it got me talking about poker. I soon added him to aim and we talked alot. Soon I got better and moved up from 2nl to 5nl, 5nl seemed higher there I could lose 50 bucks in a session(200 buyin tables) although I never lost more then 15 a session, the possibility was out there. Slowly I got better and moved up to 25nl. It was a huge jump I could lose 150 bucks so easy thats like ALOT of cheese burgers!

When I was moving up one poster who I thought was really good was charger, so one day he answered a post about how to play AQ and I pm'd him asking if he could explain more about how he could play it, why he would play it this way, why my why was bad. He did and he explained it really well in way that I could easily understand it. He also gave me his aim and said anytime you want to talk about hands send me an aim. So every 2 days or so I would collect some hands and I would send it to him. He would answer everything very well and had really good thought process(that i am still trying to mimic). Soon he sent me hands from 100nl and 200nl. First time he sent me a 200nl hand I was like wait I only play 25nl I'm bad why are you sending me a hand. I remember his aim to this day, he goes "its just poker". I was like hmm your right it is just poker cool! I owe alot to charger THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After playing 25nl a little bit and talking to charger, noidea(who i met through the sweat session thingy as well) and happy pixel alot I came to realize that all of them had memberships to video sites and they liked it some better then others, but all in all everyone said I should get one and it couldn't hurt. So I got deucescracked the one with the best fullring content. I watched lots of videos from bottomset, nolan, sounded simple. Any full ring content I could find. Then I started watching micro and small stakes ssnl stuff. Then I watched Balugawhale. I was blown away by his videos here is a guy who would tell you why a certain play is good, break it down completely. I was amazed at his ability to convey hard concepts so easily. This was the third turning point in my career. I would ask people why they thought it was a bet, why they thought it was a check, I would ask so many questions, and they answered slowly explaining what they labeled as std before.

Slowly I got better moved up to 50nl, at 50nl you start to notice alot of the 2+2er who post, alot of the people with 1k posts, 2k posts,3k posts. Soon though I hit a runt at 50 and couldnt win, so I did a 50nl stake coaching deal with Wcg rider, he taught me to be more aggressive to value bet, to 3 bet OMFG. You can 3 bet and people ACTUALLY FOLD OMFG OMFG. First time i realized people fold to 3 bets I 3 bet every hand against any regular. Many called me stupid, but I was amazed people would just fold. That never happens at lower stakes people dont fold. One time I was on aim, and i aimed notilt and I was like hey yo dude could u help me out with a hand. He writes back to me "I'm sooooooooooo ****ing drunk right now, but listen fold pre dont 3 bet". I didn't even give him the hand he knew I was spewing.

Soon the stake coaching deal ended, I think I paid him like 700 for 50k hands and like 5 sessions, well worth it imo. Slowly I played 50nl started my own tables learned from watching baluga, wiltontilt, foxwoodsfiends. I was trying to watch so many videos at one point charger goes do you know to get good at poker you actually have to play sometimes(how can charger always be right ****ing ******* imo). So I started playing a little more still watching videos. Slowly I got better learned when to 3 bet, when not to 3 bet, how to 3 bet , when to flat, when to 4 bet ect....My pre flop game was good, but my post flop game sucked ass. I played some more watched more videos and slowly my flop game got better and I moved on to 100.

Wow 100nl had so many regulars, I saw people who made really good videos like ryan, I saw mods like berge, I saw the best posters at micro, and I thought to myself oh so here is where the good people are. Indeed there were so good people, but there was plenty of fish like Chicago joey (j/k j/k j/k i make a funny....). But seriously there were fish. Soon I thought to myself look at how much stake coaching and mentoring as helped me, maybe I should try it too. So I took on a stakee from 10nl (jug hes playing 50 now). I also took on biglaws later( hes taking shots at 50). And some other stakees one who i think scammed me but w.e. w.e. im running bad. ANYWAY back to the story, as I coached them I improved I would ask them to explain stuff to me, then when they couldn't I was forced to explain it to them. So slowly I got better at fleshing out my thought process. So I got better and better like that. Soon I had a bankroll to take a shot at 200...did not go wwell spewed alot so im back at 100.

Throughout this process I have had to make sacrifices, not big ones, but I cut my study time for college , I cut out some social events, I cut out all school social events. I was dedicated I wanted to be great. This cost me I go to a pretty competitive school NYU...(brag?...beat?...i dunno). So I got my worst grades since the 6th grade...3.38.....................BLAH(brag..?no beat..?FML FML FML). And I have always had girl problems, its not that I dont get laid I get std lays from now and then, but im not pimping and didnt pimp when I played poker. (I wanna be good with the ladies 1 time plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) Anyway so those have been my sacrefices for the game of poker.

I want to be great so bad, I wanna be sooooooooo good, I think I can do it too, I promised myself I would be a 100nl reg by my birthday. Made it to 100nl in late march(my birthday is march 8th holler). Slowly I have been grinding I realize I am on step 3 of the huge ladder I have to climb, but I will do it, I wanna be a 2/4 reg by the end of this year. Then a 5/10 reg by the year after that 5/10 OR BUST. I have only withdrawn once and that was 2k for this weeks vegas trip with notilt, I really didnt wanna do it, but charger said 1/2 will always be there and I should just go to vegas. Charger is almost always right so I listened withdrew the money and now I'm going to vegas BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Hopefully I take lots of maney from the tourists at the 1/2 game there. I have played live before with xxrodxx in Atlantic city when I just turned 21 and I broke even. Live plays so soft it plays like 2nl but I broke even zzzzzzz.(rods a great guy by the way). So anyway this time I hope I won't break even 1 time plzzzzzzzzzz. So wish me luck in vegas guys hope I run hot and play some 2/5!!

So I would like to leave everyone with one thought, build friends in this poker community message people, everyday I wake up I have 6-12 aims on my computer with hands that people have sent me. Everyday I look and answer at least 10 of the hardest hands from my stakees and my friends. Its fine it gets me better, I like it. I hope one day to look back on this post when I'm at 5/10 and say I did it F the haters F everyone I have made it to 5/10 cause I wanted it more cause I want to be so f good.

P.S. I hope all short stacks die in a fire................................slowly!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I tilt pretty bad.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL im like under 2.3k in expect value, and yesterday I tilted pretty fucking bad.


ALSO I HAVE A 3.38 GPA lowest grades since 6th grade....Also can't get a girl....also dont like myself.....also bought a girl a drink at a club fuck that shit im such a scrub......also I would have rather burned 200 dollars in front of her fucking face then buy her that drink for 14 bucks FOR WHAT ITS FUCKING WORTH.

Monday, May 4, 2009


meh meh meh im like v dumb dont do anything going to fail alot of classes and i dont care

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is what a 2.6k downswing looks like fwiw

down 2.6k with spew wakakakakaka.

My hand after punching my door


Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm sitting here before my 21st birthday party drinking.

So I was sorta lazy and invited everyone yesterday, but I warned alot of ppl that I was going to make it a week in advance. It looks like only 4 or 5 ppl will make it. This is making me relook my friendships with some people. Of course I'm angry, if the test to our friendship is going to be whether or not you can make it to my 21st birthday party, its not a friendship it's a joke. Oh I'm sorry your busy, well I'm sorry to disturb your failure of a life, good luck with ur future shitty job cause ur dumb in school. Good luck with life I'm out I shall drink and not give a fuck about what people think. Cause I always respect those people who don't give a fuck.

My family is always so nice I won the lottery in terms of parents and family.

In poker news I hate HEADS UP.